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Cosmetic Nose Jobs: How Long Does It Take To See The Final Result?

When we talk about the year it does not mean that you will not notice any results before, in fact, it is likely that after 1-2 months you will notice a much-improved appearance of your nose, Although we are still halfway to the desired end result, especially if it was a refinement or detail surgery (a subtle pointy job is not the same as the correction of a deviated nose, which would be seen almost immediately). It must be considered that the firmly adhered skin has been detached from the underlying structures, that cartilage and bone modifications have been made, and that these issues must recover, heal, adapt, and finally the skin will have to retract and return to adhere and wrap the underlying structures, a period that can take months. Until then, we will notice the skin as being loose, detached, or fluffy, and only as it retracts will it re-mark the bony and cartilaginous structures, and only then would the changes be seen from the nasal work done.

What Factors Can Influence A Faster Or Slower Evolution?

Many circumstances influence, from the type of skin to the surgical technique, or to the type of work performed, whether it is a reduction, refinement, or augmentation and/or reconstruction rhinoplasty, or whether it is a primary or secondary rhinoplasty. Let’s see:

  • Thick and/or oily skin takes much longer to adapt; in fact, it is not recommended to do a major reduction rhinoplasty if the patient has this type of skin, and you will always be reminded of the difficulty in your case of skin adaptation, which is retracted harder.
  • Thin leathers adapt and retract quickly, even if they have the drawback of allowing minor flaws or irregularities to be noticed, by camouflaging very little.
  • The rhinoplasty intended to narrow or reduce the nose (hump or tip) takes longer to define as it depends on the skin retraction on the underlying structures.
  • The augmentation rhinoplasty, to increase the projection of the tip or the back, for the same reason, take less time to reach the end result.
  • The posttraumatic rhinoplasty, or nose to correct deviant, they begin to see results almost immediately, although the details themselves take more months.
  • The secondary rhinoplasty or revisions will always be slower because we are dealing with tissues already damaged, and the new detachment involves new trauma and devascularization.
  • The “open” rhinoplasty always takes longer to evolve than the “closed” technique, since it involves a more extensive detachment.
  • The complexity of the surgical technique performed influences proportionally, and this will depend on the previous state of the nose, and the work necessary to correct it.

Some Measures To Alleviate The Immediate Inflammation

There are some measures, apart from those taken by the surgical and anesthesia team during the intervention, that can help:

  • Avoid taking antiplatelet or anticoagulant medication, or medication that alters coagulation, at least two weeks before, including aspirin, ibuprofen, or anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Be careful with some multivitamin complexes, or even herbal or “natural” preparations because they may be altering blood clotting, so we should avoid those that contain vitamin E, ginseng, gingko, or fish oils, as we will have more bleeding.
  • Apply ice, or peas, or cold gels, almost continuously, the first 2-3 days. It is the most effective measure we can take to lower or contain inflammation.
  • Rest with your head elevated.
  • Quit tobacco before and after surgery.

And a lot of patience, remember that if the surgeon already told you in the first consultation that it would take you months to see the results of the surgery, there is no point in pressing after surgery because you have been weeks or a few months and it is still not as you would like. It is not that it is not well done, it is simply that the tissues, especially the skin, have not yet been adopted, and the changes made are not yet shown.

Cosmetic Nose Jobs: How Long Does It Take To See The Final Result?
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