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Cosmetic Nose Jobs: Postoperative Recommendations


Nose cosmetic surgery is an operative procedure, where the planning of new nose shape is of decisive importance, taking into account the unique characterizations of the nose and its proportionality with other elements of the face. As nose job specialists, Florida residents and beyond rely on us for all thing related to rhinoplasty.


Postoperative Recommendations

Rest, follow the recommendations of the doctors, take the prescribed medicines, 24 hours after the procedure to cool the intervention site, it is recommended to do some lymphatic drains.


Possible Discomforts After The Procedure

Edema of the point of the nose for a few months labored breathing.


Types Of Surgical Corrections

Nose influences the appearance of the face more than any other part, and it also has a very important function in breathing, purification, humidification, and warming of air before it falls into the lungs.

Nose surgical corrections can be varied as follows:


Procedure Step

Both operations are performed through incisions inside the nose in the case of closed technique or through a short incision of the nasal septum in case of the open technique. Which method will be applied depends on the situation and shape of the nose, if it should be changed or the patient himself would like to change it. In recent years, an open technique is mainly used.

Predictability Of The Result

The nose is a very complicated and unique face organ for each human being. When designing a future shape of the “new nose,” it is very important to take into account the unique characteristics of the nose and its proportionality with other parts of the face. The ideal nose for all human people does not really exist. During a procedure, we do an operation with a living tissue that in each human organism reacts differently. This means that the internal scars and reactions of the different tissues are distinguished (subcutaneous tissue, cartilage, bones, etc.). Thus, the predictability of the result depends on the state of the patient’s tissues, type of deviation of the nasal septum, characteristic of the nose, and facial bone structures, and also genetic factors. Complications are possible, as well as in any other surgical intervention. In 15-20% of cases of nasal operations after the primary intervention, insignificant additional correction operations must be performed for reasons related to sputum;

Cosmetic Nose Jobs: Postoperative Recommendations
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