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Process Of Getting Cosmetic Nose Jobs

During the first visit, it is necessary to study the patient’s health status from the medical point of view for any possible trauma, allergy, or nasal interventions previously performed. It is necessary to examine in detail the possible breathing problems or appearance of the patient, the exterior and interior parts of his nose. Then the possibilities of a surgical procedure are evaluated. In the course of a conversation, a photographic analysis is made, and possible nose changes are presented after the intervention. The purpose of this analysis is to understand which surgical procedure is necessary to use and what changes can be achieved as a result of a certain procedure.

The patient is prohibited from taking aspirin 14 days before the procedure.

Procedure Step

Most nasal operations are done under general anesthesia, depending on the scale of the procedure. An insignificant correction is made under local anesthesia and sedation. Before the procedure, the patient must be completely healthy, that is to say, he must not be sick with constipation, even a constipated nose, herpes or other eianthomas or eruptions inside or outside the nose, conjunctivitis and any other analogical disease. The procedure is done in the early morning so that the patient can leave the clinic in the afternoon of the same day.

At the conclusion of the procedure, the caps are inserted into the patient’s nostrils, which are removed 2-3 days after the operation. At this time, the patient must breathe through the mouth.

After The Procedure

After the intervention, the patient is usually in a sleepy state, but the drowsiness disappears the same night or in the morning of the following day. He/she may also feel nauseous, especially if he gets up and starts moving too quickly for six to eight hours after the operation nausea calms down. As a rule, it is not necessary to take any anesthetic after the operation. The patient takes antibiotics through an infusion during operation and also for three to five days afterward, as directed by the doctor. Infections after cosmetic surgery develop in very rare cases. In the case of flushing, swelling, or fever, you need to undergo an urgent medical examination.

After the procedure below, the eyes appear dark circles that disappear in the course of seven to ten days. Seven days after the intervention, the points and measures to limit mobility are removed. Between this same period, the patient can return to work. As a rule, pain after nose surgery is moderate and lasts one to two days. After removing the plugs, it is recommended to wash your nose a few times a day through a spray of physiological solution. After open rhinoplasty, the nose point becomes less sensitive. Swelling of the nose spot lasts for a few months but very rarely can last for an entire year.

Process Of Getting Cosmetic Nose Jobs
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